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Virtual care FAQs

Opening a new clinic under the constraints of COVID-19 and an aggressive timeline means that our resources are stretched. As we continue to ramp up our new clinic operations, we ask that you please look for answers in this FAQ before calling or emailing.

Are all appointments virtual during COVID-19?

By default, all appointments are virtual (telephone or video). We understand that some appointments cannot be virtual, and your doctors have made arrangements with local clinics for special circumstances. To request an in-person appointment, please book a virtual appointment and make the request directly with your family doctor.

I have registered, but I cannot log in to InputHealth with my OHIP number.

To register and/or login to your patient portal, your OHIP number should be input as follows:


Please do not include dashes (123-456-7890) spaces (123 456 7890) or version code (1234567890XX). If you have previously registered with an incorrect OHIP number format, it is possible that we have corrected the format on your behalf.

How to I get my prescriptions refilled?

If a prescription is running out, it may mean you are due for a follow-up appointment. You can request a medication refill request through your pharmacy (they will fax a request to our office) for a fee, and book a follow-up visit with your doctor. If appropriate, your doctor will request a virtual visit or fax the prescription without an appointment.

Why haven't I heard from my doctor in a while?

We will try to ensure regular checkups with all rostered patients, but we need your help. Please ensure that your file/information is kept up to date with a current email address, phone number, cell phone number, mailing address, as well as emergency contact information. Please inform the receptionist of any changes to your personal information upon arrival at the clinic.  Patients are always welcome to book a periodic health exam ('physical') if they have not been seen in over a year.

Is my personal information secure on the InputHealth patient portal?

The Wateridge Medical Clinic's EMR, InputHealth, is a fully managed PIPA & FOIPPA compliant cloud-powered solution, maintaining its application and data servers in a SSAE-16 certified and compliant facility at all times. Any and all patient data will reside within the contiguous borders of Canada.

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